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Telecom Services

The Host Broadcaster will provide telecom services in cooperation with Telia.
Services shall be booked via the general booking system.

General Information

• Event duration March 7 – March 17, 2019
• All services available March 4 – March 17, 2019, prices apply to this duration.
• With the exception of the DSL lines, the internet and LAN services are delivered via one single LAN cable (fibre for 1 and 10Gbps)
• Installation fees and support on site during the event are included in the prices for all venue areas. For POTF areas installation costs will be subject to a feasibility study and offered separately on a case-by-case basis.
• For all telephone/ISDN services, the traffic fees will be invoiced separately and rates will be communicated closer to the event.

Definition of Areas

• Venue: Venues are any location where an accreditation is required
• POTF (Partially Outside the Fence): The POTF services are delivered within an area of 20km around Östersund and connect non-accredited locations (e.g. team hotels or nation houses)
• Other locations: Prices for telecom services not described in the Rate Card may be specifically requested by the Broadcasters via the booking office.

 Analog Telephone Connection

Analog telephone line IDD (economy line) orders include delivery of a telephone set. Call charges are not included and will be invoiced after the event. The telephone number will be announced to subscribers no later mid-February 2019.

 ISDN line (2b+d), s-interface

A modem is included in the order. Call charges are not included and will be invoiced according to the provider’s price list. The telephone number will be announced to subscribers no later than mid-February 2019.

 Internet Line orders

Various connection speeds can be booked, please refer to the Rate Card. All bandwidths are dedicated symmetric connections with the exception of DSL services. Static or fixed IP addresses may be requested. The provider will deliver a single Ethernet RJ45 cable to the broadcaster’s facility in Venue areas. Additional IT  equipment may be requested (cables, switches etc.). In POTF areas the connectivity (bandwidth and price) will be based on a feasibility study.

DSL Connection

DSL connections are available only for non-venue areas. The subscription includes all data traffic and a router. Bandwidths are provided on a “best effort” basis.

Dedicated Networks or Point-to-Point LAN Services

Dedicated network or dedicated wireless network solutions will be possible and offered separately, depending on requirements. Different sites can be interconnected together with various bandwidth. Different services as video and audio can be requested for interconnecting a studio which is located POTF. These servcies are based on a feasibility study. Please contact the booking office for further requests.

ICT Hardware device*

Various ICT hardware devices(replacement and support services included) can be ordered during the event days:
• Laptops 14”
• Screens
• Mobile Phones
• iPad
• Voice SIM Cards
• Data SIM Cards
• Mobile Hotspot 4G
*All ICT hardware devices to be ordered directly at the Telia service desk located in the Media Center. Rates and payment terms to be agreed upon with Telia directly. Should broadcasters wish to book devices in advance, pleace contact the booking office.