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The two main objectives as a Host Broadcaster are to produce and deliver an international signal of highest possible standard and to provide the right holding broadcasters with the service required for a successful unilateral operation.

Equally important is to present the essence of the sport of Biathlon.

The region of Ă–stersund with its long history of winter sports, has constantly improved the infrastructure and the arena for Biathlon. It has now become an outstanding venue for Biathlon training and competition activities.

Our intention is to bring the viewers an intense competition coverage bringing them the exiting and decisive moments of the dramatic sport of Biathlon. And also, the atmosphere of expectation and passion among the spectators on site. We wish to relate the full story of how each medal was won by whom, where and how it happened using great shots, amazing slow-motions, together with a well-prepared journalistic approach.

SVT will bring the viewers a coverage containing 43 camera positions to show the excitement from all the parts of the courses. Wires, rails, cranes, super and hyper slowmotion cameras are used to bring the athletes achievements and emotions in to the picture.

We hope to bring each and everyone memorable competitions from Ă–stersund in splendid display of winter.


Johan Bernhagen