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GO BACK BIBS All accredited photographers are required to wear a photo bib in the competition area to get access to the Photo Zones. These bibs are available in the media center. There are two different bibs: one is for generally accredited photographers and the other for photographers who [...]


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GO BACK Workplace and briefing PHOTOGRAPHERS WORKPLACE There are work stations for photographers and ENG-teams on the second floor in the Main Media Center. PHOTOGRAPHERS BRIEFING The photographers’ briefing will take place each competition day in the Main Media Center, 1,5 hours before the competition starts. We will inform [...]


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GO BACK Medal Photos After every competition, photos of the medal winners are made by the IBU. These pictures will be provided to all media representatives for free use (no reselling). Please note the blocking periods (publication after the victory ceremony). For further information on the transmission of the [...]


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GO BACK Ceremonies FLOWER CEREMONY The flower ceremonies will take place immediately after the end of each competition in the stadium. Athletes competing in Sprint and Individual that finish place 1-6 will attend the flower ceremonies. Athletes competing in Relay that finish place 1-3 will attend the flower ceremonies. [...]


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GO BACK Practical and Contact LOCKERS There is a room in the Main Media Center which is locked and possible for photographer´s to leave their gear in overnight. Please talk to the reception and they will help you. IBU PHOTO MANAGER Christian Manzoni, +43 676 8414 9833 christian.manzoni@ibu.at [...]


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GO BACK Press room Our press room is in Swedish, please find press releases and pictures here www.pressmachine.se Photos Click on the link below to find pictures to use for free. Photos


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GO BACK Articles On this page you'll find free prewritten articles ready to publish. Hej Främling – unik och färgstark integrationssatsning som spridit sig runtom i Sverige //Hej Främling! - A Unique and Colorful Integration Initiative Download article (Swedish) Download article (English) Download photos Blod, svett och snö // Blood, Sweat [...]


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GO BACK Editorial ideas from Östersund and Jämtland On this page you will find some editorial ideas regarding the city Östersund, the region Jämtland and Biathlon in Östersund in english. We look forward to welcoming you here There’s something special about Östersund. The contrast [...]


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GO BACK WELCOME FROM IBU Dear Media Representatives, It is a pleasure to welcome all of you on behalf of the IBU Communications Department to the BMW IBU World Cup Biathlon Östersund 2019. The International Biathlon Union has just lived through one of the most dramatic years in its still [...]