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SVT, Swedish Television, are very proud to once again serve you all Right Holders as your Host Broadcaster for the Biathlon World Championships 2019 in Östersund. We did it with success in 2008 and are very antcipative to do it again!

Our main ambition is to ensure that all facilities and supportfunctions are in place to provide a user friendly platform to the various broadcasting crews covering the event.

The Competitions as well as the Medal Ceremonies held at Rådhuset, will be covered by the Host Broadcaster. We will produce the International Signal by remote from Stockholm.

SVT remote productions began back in 2012 with the London Olympics. In 2016 the International signal of Vasaloppet, the most famous Swedish long distance race, was also produced remote (43 cameras) and now for 2019 we feel ready and well prepared to deliver both the Alpine World Championships in Åre and Biathlon World Championships via remote.

Adde Granberg
Executive Producer   

David Wessén
Ass Executive Producer

Annika Zahr
Head of Operations               

Adde Granberg

Executive Producer 

Mobile: +46 70 66 22 977
David Wessén

Ass Executive Producer 

Mobile: +46 70 434 6885
Annika Zahr

Head of Operations 

Mobile: +46 70 884 8022
Johan Bernhagen

Director World Feed

Mobile: +46 708 884 8028
Anders Yttergård

Ass Director World Feed

Mobile: +46 70 589 6997
Henrik Wilsson

Technical Coordinator

Mobile: +46 70 303 3515
Malin Sjögren

International Relation Manager

Mobile: +46 76 645 5807
Elizabeth Jörgensen

International Relations

Mobile: +46 708 848331
Helena Stenberg

Production Manager

Mobile: +46 70 536 48 08
Johan Wickman

TVC Manager On Site

Mobile: +46 70 8989 607
Johan Lundberg

Dark Fiber Coordinator

Mobile: +46 707 96 43 88
Sofie Kjerfve

Project Coordinator

Mobile: +46 70 996 97 40