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Dear Media Representatives,

It is a pleasure to welcome all of you on behalf of the IBU Communications Department to the BMW IBU World Cup Biathlon Östersund 2019.

The International Biathlon Union has just lived through one of the most dramatic years in its still relatively young but vibrant and highly successful history. This drama was good and bad, the pendulum of emotions kept swinging back and forth from unbridled joy to huge disappointments.

But at its core – and it is always the core that defines the soundness of any organisation – at the sport level, thanks to the athletes and many people working with them and around them, biathlon stayed unshaken. We have seen a fantastic season 2018/19 with breathtaking competitions, new dominators and rising stars.

Together with our partners from the LOC, the Swedish Biathlon Federation, the EBU and Infront we will deliver a great World Cup with best possible working conditions for you, our colleagues from the media.

It is the IBU Communications Department’s pleasure to support your work through a 360-degree biathlon coverage on our website www.biathlonworld.com, our social media channels, the Biathlonworld magazine and our IBU TV team.

Christian Winkler
IBU Communications Director

Christian Winkler 

IBU Communications Director

Mobile: +43 676 84 14 98 15

Christian Manzoni 

IBU Photo Manager

Mobile:+43 676 84 14 98 33
Jaka Lucu 

IBU Senior Communications Manager

Mobile: +43 676 84 14 98 32
Rene Denfeld 

IBU Digital Media Manager

Mobile: +43 676 84 14 98 23
Felix Bitterling

IBU Sports Director

Mobile: +43 676 841 498 22
Borut Nunar

Race Director

Mobile: +43 676 84 14 98 27
Franz Berger

Technical Delegate

Mobile: +43 664 337 51 06
Hans Peter Olsen (NOR)

Referee Range

Mobile: +47 915 96 338
Max Saenger

Referee Course

Mobile: +1 207 484 81 79
Robert Zwahlen

Referee Material

Mobile: +41 793 503 324
Michal Zicacek

Referee Start/Finish

Mobile: +420 776 713 517